Delivering a complete fuel Burn,

The results are in: Savings up to 25% on fuel and 50% on maintenance.

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"With a long road ahead, a little hydrogen goes a long way"

Hydrogen truck

Upgrading to Hydrogen Enriched Diesel Combustion, the Next Big Step

Your bank account and truck will love HoD - upgrade you don't want to miss

Our Hydrogen Enriched Diesel Combustion on board unit is an aftermarket device designed to work on ANY Large diesel-internal combustion engine

Extend or eliminate DPF (diesel particulate filter) regeneration Cycles and EGR replacements

Hydrogen infusion provides a more complete burn that reduces the soot and particulate matter up to 80%. The result? Your DPF regen cycles are significantly extended and your EGR lasts longer. You get less downtime and greater productivity

Green technology revolution

The Transportation industry accounts for over 20% of the total Green House Gases (GHGs). Increasing emission regulation continues to reduce profitability in an already low margin / high saturation industry.

Save big money on your fuel bills

You can save at a minimum of 10%, and up to 25% of your fuel expenditures through the use of D-HAT™ (diesel hydrogen assist technology). Done right, the net result is more complete combustion and significant improvement in fuel economy

Advantage over your competition

The optimum amount of hydrogen infusion will provide you the edge you need over your competition. Our customers tell us that when they began using our D-HAT™ systems they began winning more bids and growing their business due to their improved fuel mileage

Hydrogen Enrichment in Numbers

  • Fuel Savings (between $500 and $1500 per engine per month)
  • Maintenance cost reduced up to 50% (between $500 and $1000 per engine per month)
  • Burn all your fuel to produce power and torque, don't waste 30% in partially burned hydrocarbon exhaust!
  • 3 year payment plans with return on investment (ROI) in less than 1 year
Hydrogen Diesel Engine

Hydrogen Enrichment Benefits

  • Greater thermo efficiency and a far more complete fuel burn
  • Easy installation with virtually no downtime or additional maintenance cost
  • Extended engine life, up to 2 times
  • Less frequent oil & filter changes, fewer EGR replacements

D-HAT™ Unit Overview

  • Designed to work on any large diesel-internal combustion engine
  • Converts distilled water into hydrogen and oxygen gas using proprietary proton exchange membrane(PEM) technology. Delivering only hydrogen to the engine.
  • Is completely safe. Produces hydrogen on-demand only when the engine is running
  • Eliminates the need for on-board hydrogen storage and eliminate all safety concerns