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Customer 1

I have been asked to share my thoughts and experiences with this hydrogen assist technology and am more than willing to do so.

We have been using the units for a few years now and have seen between 12 and 15 percent improvement in fuel mileage. The drivers of these units also report a very noticeable increase in power as well.

I have been in this business for 40 years now and have seen a lot of snake oil. This is the first product that actually has proven itself. I am very sold on the technology and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

Customer 2

We are pleased to advise how happy we are with Hydrogen assist units now in use. We have had this technology on 5 of our new 2009 Max Force 13L engines for the past year and are reporting over 20% to 30% Fuel Reductions on all 5 trucks.

My drivers are very happy with the increase in response and power the Hydrogen units are showing versus our other trucks with no Hydrogen. The units have been trouble free since installation and are performing above our expectations. The best way I believe we can demonstrate our satisfaction with these units was to give a purchase order for the remaining 19 pieces of equipment we have.