HoD Pros sell installs, and supports our D-HAT™ systems throughout the US, Mexico, Southeast Asia, and Austrailia.

These on-board hydrogen on demand (HoD) systems are currently installed and in use by hundreds diesel tractors throughout North America that have logged hundreds of millions of "real road miles, over the last 7 years, using this revolutionary product. Our hydrogen on demand solutions make diesel engines run more efficiently by infusing hydrogen into the engine‘s air intake system, causing a cleaner burn that is more efficient than ever before possible.

The revolutionary results are: far better mileage, virtually cleaner DP filters and EGR valves, and far lower carbon deposits inside the engine, resulting in greater overall power and torque.

Our HoD system is an aftermarket retrofit device designed to work on any large internal combustion engine. It converts distilled water into hydrogen and oxygen gas through the process of electrolysis. That gas is infused into the air/fuel mixture prior to combustion, making the burn very efficient, very complete, and very clean. Since it operates only on demand (when the engine is running) there is no stored hydrogen, thus eliminating all safety concerns associated with comparable hydrogen storage alternatives.

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