"D-HAT™" Diesel-Hydrogen Assist Technologies

  • Fuel Savings (between $1500 and $7000 per month)
  • Maintenance cost reduced up to 50% (between $800 and $2000 per month)
  • Burn all your fuel at combustion (don't waste 30% in exhaust!)

Under intensive scientific and technical development since 2005, the D-HAT™ System is the only pure hydrogen enriched diesel combustion system on the market that has been proven (both in testing and in millions of miles of real on-road history) to be effective in reducing fuel consumption and cleaning up the fuel burn, reducing maintenance requirements, all the while helping green the planet. Scientists, engineers and fleet owners have documented these improvements.

Improve combustion in your vehicles

Simply put, when the right amount of hydrogen is injected at the right time into your engine, the combustion is quicker, more complete and cleaner than without hydrogen. Hydrogen is the purest combustible substance on earth, far cleaner and more powerful than diesel fuel.

Our Strategic Partners Give You The Advantage

We have strategically aligned ourselves with the best companies in manufacturing and distribution so you get quality, consistency and the service you expect. If you are a fleet or independent owner-operator we have channel partners across the United States, Mexico, and South America that can install and service the D-HAT™, On Board HoD product on your trucks.
Our manufacturing partners are ISO certified, ensuring product consistency and delivery that will provide you with consistently high levels of quality while meeting your delivery and installation timelines.

Does this sound too good to be true?

You’re right to be skeptical as there have been many low quality / reliability hydrogen systems delivered to the market in the last few years. The basic science was demonstrated in 1974 when the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (a division of NASA at the time) proved that fractional amounts of hydrogen improved combustion. The problem has always been that it‘s hard to get the right infusion to produce the improvements in a safe and reliable manner.

Science behind the technology

Unlike many of our competitors, our product development had research scientists at the core of the design team. Each element had to be proven by science before it became part of our system.

Take the next step and start saving money on fuel

The HoD Pros OEM partners have the engineering, science, research and customer satisfaction staffing to make you feel comfortable outfitting your engines with hydrogen infusion.